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Multi-Spray Eco-Cleaner

Multi-Spray Eco-Cleaner

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Looking for a natural, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty free, non toxic product that will not only efficiently clean your home but also work to neutralise odours, freshen up clothing/pet bedding and much more? Then look no further as we have the perfect product for you. The list of uses is endless and better yet, it won't break the bank!

Simply add your refill shot to an empty 500ml bottle then fill with your choice of tap, filtered or bottled water, shake well and then it is ready to use.

Shanzi Naturals Multi Spray is toxin free, so you don't have to worry about your little ones and pets coming into contact with it. It is safe to use on pet bedding as well as floors and food preparation areas. You can even use it as a safe antibacterial cleaner for children's toys etc.

Usage Ideas:

Surface cleaner: Use as you would any other surface spray. Safe to use on all surfaces.

Bathroom cleaner: Clean your whole bathroom with this spray. We suggest wetting over your shower area followed by spraying with Shanzi Naturals Multi Spray then leaving to dry naturally as a daily cleaner to help prevent soap scum and limescale build up.

Washing machines & Diswashers: Add 5-10ml to your washing machine/dishwasher drawer(bottom of dishwasher) then put on an empty hot cycle.

Pet areas: For pet cages/crates, carriers etc, simply spray and wipe away to clean away dirt and eliminate pet odours.

Stain remover: spray onto stains, rub lightly then leave to soak for 30 minutes before washing.

Yard areas: Dilute your spray further into a bucket or watering can and wet your yard thoroughly, scrub well with a yard brush and rinse away.

Fabric/clothing freshener: Spray sparingly onto fabric or clothing for a freshen up. Carpets, sofas, pet bedding etc.

Room spray: Spray into the air to keep your home smelling fresh.

Floor cleaner: You can add our Multi Spray to a spray mop or spray the floor manually and mop away. You can dilute into a mop bucket if preferred.

Mirrors/windows: Use sparingly for a streak free shine on mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces.

Safe to use as a rodent cage/bird cage cleaner. We personally use unfragranced for ours as we know how sensitive little rodents and birds respiratory systems and noses can be.

What do you use your spray for? Let us know your ideas on our Facebook page Shanzi UK. We love to see photos too!

Ingredients: White distilled vinegar, aqueous tinctures of cinnamon and thyme, Essential Oils and natural colouring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The products smell fantastic and are environmentally friendly. What's not to love about that?

Julie Howarth
Multi spray

Fantastic product. Smells divine

So many uses !

Lovely to have something that I can let the kids use without the worry of toxic fumes. We use around the home and in pet areas . Works well on the artifical grass outside . In the winter I spray some on a piece of lint and pop behind radiator, give s the whole house a lovely smell .

Deborah Huyton
Seriously amazing

If you don't have this your missing out. I clean everything with this except the dog. My windows , bathroom, carpet, kitchen, TV, all surfaces. I even spray the bed with it and us it as an air freshener. It's my miracle liquid!!!

Smells incredible!

I absolutely adore this product. I have bought it in a variety of scents. Snow fairies is a firm favourite.
I feel great knowing that the products I use and environmentally friendly and use natural ingredients.

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