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Gut Health Powder For Dogs & Cats - Probiotic

Gut Health Powder For Dogs & Cats - Probiotic

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Keep your pet's digestive system in balance with this natural probiotic powder for Dogs & Cats. Containing all natural ingredients for improved gut health, this powder helps to reduce gas, improve digestion and boost vitamin absorption for optimal health. An easy-to-add nutritional supplement for pets of all ages.

Ingredients: Psyllium husk, Flaxseed, Brewers yeast, Turmeric and Limestone flour.

Usage: 1 scoop daily for dogs and cats of all sizes to maintain optimum gut health. If using in the event of an upset tummy, feed 2 scoops daily until the problem has cleared. 

One packet has approximately 36 days supply. 

Active ingredients: 

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Brewers Yeast) This probiotic yeast has been shown to maintain and restore the flora in the large and small intestine, and it is now widely recommended for the management of gut health.
Turmeric (Curcurmin) used to reduce inflammation.
Psyllium Husk - works as a prebiotic and helps with both mild-to-moderate diarrhea as well as constipation.

Customer Reviews

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Been using it for over a month now and seen a great improvement

My dog has a very sensitive stomach and was sick often. Checked by vet and no issues so started using these powders and has made a great difference. Just sprinkle on his food in the morning 😁

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