Where it all started

Our story began in 2017 with Shanzi Dogs, a passion project fueled by our love for animals and all things natural. We started by offering a carefully curated selection of natural pet products, dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs with the goodness of nature.

But then, something exciting happened. We were struggling to find easily accessible high-quality raw food in the local area. This realisation sparked a new chapter in our journey – Raw Feeding Dagenham was born in March 2023!

Raw Feeding Dagenham wasn't just a venture into a new territory; it was the perfect extension of our core values. Combining our expertise in natural pet care with the need for accessible raw food in Dagenham.

No matter your budget or pup's picky palate, we've got you:

  • Vet-approved complete meals: Our complete raw meals are packed with all the goodness your pet needs, Paleo Ridge and Purrform are both approved by vets from all around the UK.
  • High-quality 80:10:10 minces: These versatile blends offer a customisable canvas for your pet's perfect meal. Mix and match for a complete and balanced diet.
  • Single protein minces: Got allergies? We've got solutions. Choose from our range of single protein options for food sensitivities.
  • FEDIAF compliant,Eco friendly, ethically sourced, organic choices: Stocking the award winning Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food. These guy’s tick all the boxes.
  • Bones, Extras and Whole Prey: Optional extras to complement a raw diet as well as whole prey options for those who prefer an even more natural meal time.

But we're not just about the food! We stock everything you need to pamper your pets, from natural support powders and tinctures for a healthy glow to grooming supplies and natural treats for tail wags and purrs galore.

Raw Feeding Made Simple

Our primary goal is to make raw feeding easy and hassle-free for pet owners. We stock a range of nutritionally complete and balanced raw minces, ensuring that pets get all the benefits of a raw diet without any of the risks.

Quality assured - We pride ourselves on providing an excellent selection of minces to suit every budget – from affordable, budget-friendly options to the very best the UK has to offer. Regardless of your budget, quality is always guaranteed. We only sell what we are happy to feed to our very own pets.

Fast, reliable & speedy service

We understand that life can be busy! That's why we're all about making raw feeding convenient. Browse our easy-to-navigate website, place your order, and get ready for lightning-fast deliveries – our same-day service means your pets next delicious meal is just hours away!

Customers in our local delivery area benefit from same day delivery, 7 days a week on all orders placed before 5.30pm.

We cover a huge area including: Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge, waltham forest, Loughton, Newham.

Parts of tower hamlets (E14) including: Limehouse, Poplar, Millwall, Cubitt Town, West India Quay, Canning Town, canary wharf, isle of dogs.

Parts of Thurrock including: Purfleet, Aveley, south Ockendon.

Our same day deliveries are split into two zones, zone one is free delivery and for zone two there is a small delivery fee of £3.50.

Shanzi Naturals: Still Thriving, Always Evolving:

While Raw Feeding Dagenham took center stage, Shanzi Naturals remains our beloved natural pet product brand. It's where you'll find everything from grooming supplies to natural support supplements and first-aid essentials.

  • Marley

    Breed: Labrador

    Age: 10 years young

    Favourite Food: Paleo Ridge Essentials Lamb

    Favourite Treat: XL Beef Skin

  • Tanzi

    Breed: Toy Poodle

    Age: 8 Years

    Favourite Food: Dougie's Duck

    Favourite Treat: Tripe Sticks

  • Shayna

    Breed: Toy Poodle

    Age: 6 Years

    Favourite Food: DAF Meaty Mince

    Favourite Treat: Duck Feet

  • Jace

    Breed : Border Collie

    Age: 3 Years

    Favourite Food: Whole Mackerel

    Favourite Treat: Buffalo Ear

  • Carl

    Breed: Moggie

    Age: 7 Years

    Favourite Food: Whole Quail

    Favourite Treat: Beef Spaghetti

  • Rupert

    Breed: British Shorthair

    Age: 6 Years

    Favourite Food: Purrform Rabbit & Ox Heart

    Favourite Treat: Pheasant Training Treats

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  • Georgia

    As co-founder of Raw Feeding Dagenham,I'm not just passionate about providing healthy pet food and natural products - I'm obsessed with understanding it inside and out. That's why I delved deep into the world of raw feeding and animal herbalism, earning comprehensive qualifications to ensure every piece of advice I offer is informed,accurate,and truly helpful.

    My dedication to pet well-being knows no bounds. Im always looking to better my skills and knowledge in raw feeding and animal herbalism, driven by a passion to make a positive impact on the lives of all dogs and cats.

  • Jaime

    I Founded Shanzi in 2017 after my tiny pups stole my heart. I wanted a one-stop shop for the best stuff, so built a website for people like myself who wanted the best natural pet care for their dogs. The name Shanzi is a tribute to my dogs, Shayna & Tanzi (SHayna tANZI)

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  • Raw Feeding Diploma

    My dedication to understanding raw feeding for dogs and cats was rewarded with a distinction in a comprehensive diploma program. This rigorous course delved into the nutritional needs of both species, explored diet formulation and transition strategies, and provided in-depth knowledge of pet food regulations.

  • Animal Herbalism Diploma

    My thirst for knowledge led me to master the art of animal herbalism, culminating in a Level 3 diploma with distinction. This rigorous program unveiled the secrets of herbs, empowering me to address animal health concerns with natural remedies. My understanding of their therapeutic properties ensures I navigate their uses with precision and confidence.

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