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Shanzi Naturals

Calming Powder For Dogs & Cats

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Jamie M
Calm powders

I have been using calming powders daily for five years now with my nervous dog for over 5 years now and have not looked back. They really help him to regulate and be left alone.(with his doggy sister). Shanzi have been super helpful with their advise and team it up with hemp oil by shanzi for added support around thunder/fireworks 💕


I’ve used calm powders for years for my dog around firework night or when we know something stressful is coming up soon. They work wonders for him and he loves the taste. Can even be made into a paste with coconut oil and given on a lick mat etc. fabulous product and I love knowing it’s 100% natural.


Ideal for daily use in animals with daily stress/anxiety issues. 

Shanzi Naturals Calming Powder is designed to help alleviate stress and anxiety in cats and dogs. This herbal powder provides long-term support and can be used in conjunction with Calm Drops for maximum benefit. Its natural, plant-based ingredients make it an ideal choice for pets with chronic stress/anxiety.


  • Up to 5kg = Half a Scoop Daily (120 Day Supply)
  • 5-12kg = 1 Scoop Daily (60 Day Supply)
  • 12+ kg = 2 Scoops Daily (30 Day Supply)
  • Giant Breeds 40+kg = 3 Scoops Daily (20 Day Supply)

You can safely double the dose if needed until you find what works best for your pet. Always start off at the lower end as in most cases, herbal supplements work well in small doses.

You can add straight to food or even mix with a little water/coconut oil etc to form a paste and add to an enrichment toy as a tasty treat.

Can be split over two meals if preferred.

You can add straight to food or even mix with a little water to form a paste and feed from an enrichment toy as a treat.

Can be split over two meals if preferred.

Ingredients: Valerian powder, skullcap powder, dried chamomile flowers, sage, yeast & micronized linseed meal.

How does each ingredient work?

Valerian: Widely used to ease the symptoms of anxiety in animals. It helps the GABA receptors in the brain to work, these receptors are responsible for helping animals to feel calm, helping ease the symptoms in both acutely and chronically stressed animals. When used long term, it can also help improve low mood. If anxiety or stress is affecting digestion, valerian is also good at helping sooth spasms or bloating.

Skullcap: Another widely used herb to help ease symptoms. Pairs very well with Valerian. It also helps to stimulate to GABA receptors in turn positively impacting mood and reduces anxiety.

Chamomile: Chamomile is known to be very soothing, helping to ease tense muscles and helps ease upset tummies often caused by stress and anxiety.

SageIn lab studies, sage has been proven to slow the release of enzymes that break down acetylcholine (Ach), an important neurotransmitter. This can improve mood by maintaining optimal levels of Ach.

Shanzi Naturals products are to be used to support or ease symptoms and are not sold for medicinal purposes.

Calming Powder For Dogs & Cats
  • £17.95