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Bulk orders are available on pre-order and are added to our weekly stock deliveries.

Additional discounts are added once items are added to the cart.

Order 5+ Trays get £2 off each tray.

Order 8+ Trays get £3 off each tray.

Please make sure to scroll down the page and read the T&C's before you order. Thank you.

Each tray contains 20 x 454g minces

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Terms & Conditions


Full payment is required upfront for all bulk orders. We will not order stock until payment is received in full.


Bulk orders cannot be canceled once the stock is orderer in. Please ensure you have the capacity to receive and store the ordered food.


As we cannot store bulk food items, you are responsible for having adequate storage facilities to accommodate the order upon delivery.


You must be available to accept the goods on the scheduled delivery date. (This is usually a Wednesday)


On rare occasions, we may need to substitute a product in your bulk order. We will contact you in advance to inform you of the substitution and offer you the following options:

  • Approve the substitution
  • Cancel the unavailable item (this will not affect your discount)

We will do our best to find a suitable substitute and keep you informed throughout the process.

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