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Medium Yak Chew

Medium Yak Chew

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Made by hand, using 100% pasture fed Yaks Milk, our New and 100% Natural Himalayan Yak Chews are a delicious and tough chew for your dog to enjoy.
With no additives or preservatives, our Yak Bars are  vegetarian, grain and gluten free and are simply dried for a hard wearing, longer lasting treat for your dog.
Not only are these tasty chews Low in fat, they contain essential vitamins A, B, C & K and essential minerals such as amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, zinc & iron. Plus they're virtually Lactose free thanks to the cheese making process. 

Left with an end piece? Pop them in the microwave for a delicious Puffed Cheese Treat

The benefits of our 100% natural Yak Bar Chews 
  • Pasture raised
  • Preservative Free no fillers
  • Grain Free & Gluten Free Treats
  • Low in fat
  • Long lasting Dental Chew
  • Contain vitamins A, B, C & K
  • Amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, zinc & iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Puppy not too sure about this one

Good product lasts ages

My dog has a chew now and again but was very Interested but the chew itself is good and long lasting , good for aggressive chewers

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