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Primal Munch

Dried Chicken Feet

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Loves em

Tanya Greyson
Dog loves them

My dogs love them


unleash the irresistible crunch and chomp of our Dried Chicken Feet! These natural dog treats aren't just delicious, they're packed with paw-some benefits.

Here's why your pup will be head over paws for them:

  • Nature's protein punch: High in protein for lean muscle growth and tissue repair, perfect for active pups or senior dogs looking for a boost.
  • Low-fat, collagen-rich: Gentle on tummies and full of goodness, collagen helps maintain healthy skin and a gleaming coat.
  • Joint health heroes: Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin, these chews help keep your dog's joints strong and flexible.
  • Strong bones, strong pups: A natural source of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone development and growth, especially important for growing puppies.
  • Dental delight: The crunchy texture acts as a natural teeth cleaner, scrubbing away plaque and tartar for healthier gums and fresher breath.
  • Suitable for all ages: From adventurous puppies to wise seniors, every dog can enjoy the crunchy fun of chicken feet.
  • Freshness on the go: Our smell-proof, resealable pouch keeps the yummy aroma locked in and makes storage a breeze.
  • No nasties added: Just 100% air-dried chicken feet, free from artificial colors, additives, and preservatives.
    Dried Chicken Feet
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