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Dried Chicken Feet

Dried Chicken Feet

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unleash the irresistible crunch and chomp of our Dried Chicken Feet! These natural dog treats aren't just delicious, they're packed with paw-some benefits.

Here's why your pup will be head over paws for them:

  • Nature's protein punch: High in protein for lean muscle growth and tissue repair, perfect for active pups or senior dogs looking for a boost.
  • Low-fat, collagen-rich: Gentle on tummies and full of goodness, collagen helps maintain healthy skin and a gleaming coat.
  • Joint health heroes: Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin, these chews help keep your dog's joints strong and flexible.
  • Strong bones, strong pups: A natural source of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone development and growth, especially important for growing puppies.
  • Dental delight: The crunchy texture acts as a natural teeth cleaner, scrubbing away plaque and tartar for healthier gums and fresher breath.
  • Suitable for all ages: From adventurous puppies to wise seniors, every dog can enjoy the crunchy fun of chicken feet.
  • Freshness on the go: Our smell-proof, resealable pouch keeps the yummy aroma locked in and makes storage a breeze.
  • No nasties added: Just 100% air-dried chicken feet, free from artificial colors, additives, and preservatives.

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